Design by Christian Lacroix

L'Antoine by Christian Lacroix

A hotel must reflect its roots, the area choosing to welcome it.

For you, the “travellers”, the “customers”, or the “people passing through”, to truly feel at home, it must, in turn, itself be “at home” in this district Saint-Antoine, one of the most symbolic of popular, authentic, historic Paris.

That is why, right as you enter and head into the lobby, I have chosen to depict, on each floor, all the layers and periods of this little corner of eastern Paris, from its artisan origins (woodworking was, and still is, to a certain extent, the speciality of these streets and passageways where the professions of furniture and decoration prevailed, from upholsterers to plasterers) to the “fashionist” vocation of today.

Throughout the centuries, one after the other, we can still find the intermingling of artists’ workshops, “cafés-charbons”, traditionally selling coffee, wine and coal, along with contemporary art galleries and symbolic bistros or dance bars, like the Balajo.

I have also tried to give a sense of all these times and places through a patchwork of traditional or positively “techno” ceramics, nostalgic or current-day wall coverings, small classic items of furniture and others that were specially created for “l’Antoine” by Rémi Perret, an artist working with recycled elements, of historical fabrics or current textiles, of bright fitted carpets or Baroque rugs, of wood and concrete, of bricks and trompe l’oeil, of prints and photographs, etc...

Through this kaleidoscope, I hope that you will breathe in a little of the very special air of this timeless Paris, since it has spanned all the changing fashions that it continues to inspire. And that you yourself will feel, for the time you spend here, something of an artist, designer, “Apache” or “Gigolette” gangster, painter or musician. Parisian. For good.

Boutique hotel and tribute to Sacha Guitry in the heart of the 8th district.

Signature Christian Lacroix